Monday, 28 July 2008

Cycling Commute #1: in which I feel awesome

After the weekend's drunken inaguration of Little Betty, this morning I decided to use her for more healthful pursuits and cycle to work. A bit of a late start and not the most efficient route left me getting to work at pushing 10am (oops) but I felt amazing. First of all, I had to ride right through the City at morning rush hour and I honestly haven't done a lot of city riding in my life so I'm not that comfortable with cars all around me. But I found several other bikers to follow and did not get hit, even by the guy driving the long flat open truck with wooden poles on it who acted like he was in a Mini. A few minor errors in navigation but I managed to not cross Putney Bridge. 13 miles and 1:20 later and I'm a rock star.


Monica said...

when I lived in london I had little money so the only way for me to get around was with my bike. I used to cycle normally from turnpike lane to euston or elephant and castle...1h more or less. and you know what? I loved it and it kept me very fit :)
enjoy it - but be careful! :)

Leah said...

Okay, I'm not quite so terrified of my little five miles to work route anymore! Rock on with your bad self :)