Saturday, 27 September 2008

And that's why we wear helmets

Hangover Meg took my bike home on Friday. I really should not have drunk quite so much wine on Thursday. Anyway, I skidded out on some road construction and slammed myself into the ground pretty hard. I'm glad I was wearing a helmet because even with it my head is a little bruised and scraped up. I guess it had to happen sometime but it still sucked. But, on the other hand, by the time I got home and took a shower I felt human for the first time.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

It's a beautiful morning

8:30 meeting with a client [grrrrr!] so out the door at quarter of seven this morning on Betty. I stopped and fixed the light on my front wheel so it doesn't smack against the magnet any longer and I think it really made a difference - this was by far the fastest average speed (well, by 0.5mph, but that's about a 5% improvement) and according to Ascent I did it in just under an hour although my Garmin said just over an hour but I think Ascent measures active time and stops counting while I'm waiting at stoplights. And now I'm at work and feeling on fire having had exercise and coffee and meeting all before 9am. I could be annoying like this.

Credit crunch? What credit crunch?

Running commute! Didn't get up in the morning so decided to pack my things and run part way home before catching public transport. Started from my office. Got passed by a guy on a unicycle and thought, "bloody hell i'm being beaten by a guy with only one wheel." Luckily I was still in the walking-waiting-for-the-satellites-to-lock-on part so I didn't feel too bad. My route took me through West Kensington Estates followed immediately by the splendour of old Kensington and on into Belgravia and Mayfair where everyone was all dressed up for parties and hailing taxies and generally being ostentatious. Also saw the Serpies but seeing as I was passed by every single one of them I think I'm not yet fast enough to run with them. 4.9 miles at 9/1.

Monday, 22 September 2008


Clearly I need to get out of the running head-space, because while I'm enjoying riding my bike (and contemplating going out with Out to Swim later this week), every time I think about running I feel physically ill. So, I am going to try to feel less guilty about the running I'm not doing and trust in the staying-active to get me through the half-marathon in 2 weeks. If you want to revise your time estimates - or add your name to my growing list of sponsors - feel free as I'm definitely not aiming for a 2:15 finish anymore.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

What's in my head today

Not a whole lot, that's what. Yesterday rode my bike in and discovered that I'm still no good at navigating - though I did average my fastest speed yet. Left it at work to cut 15 minutes off my commute time after Meg got hers stolen and really wanted me to be at home. Convinced myself to get out of bed this morning with a stern "you're going to eat like a pig tonight" (happy anniversary, baby) only to discover that the 10 minute rule got me right back into bed this morning. Most boring blog post ever.

I did have last Friday off from work (we're merging and moving - exciting stressful times) and my officemates had given me a gift certificate to The Sanctuary after I ran the marathon. I added a Thai Ritual thingy and the therapist laughed at my tight hips. Gotta get that sorted.

No photos from the vacation - it wasn't really that kind of holiday - though I did go to the US Open one day and maybe sometime soon I'll get around to uploading those photos and put a few here as this purports to be a fitness blog.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Reverse brick with absurdly long transition

Not really a brick workout, but I am proud to say I both ran (for the first time in practically forever) and rode my bike to work this morning. Short run, but the goal of it was really just to prove to myself I can still run since the last few have been crap (some so crap I won't even write about them here). And I think something's not quite right with my bike - yesterday it derailed for no reason so I couldn't even ride my bike to work and today I felt like I was mashing away hard for not a lot of result - but I did it. And I was even on time.

Anyway, I'm back from vacation. I've missed everyone, I'm totally behind on both training and hearing about y'all, but I hope to be back on track and caught up soon.