Thursday, 25 September 2008

Credit crunch? What credit crunch?

Running commute! Didn't get up in the morning so decided to pack my things and run part way home before catching public transport. Started from my office. Got passed by a guy on a unicycle and thought, "bloody hell i'm being beaten by a guy with only one wheel." Luckily I was still in the walking-waiting-for-the-satellites-to-lock-on part so I didn't feel too bad. My route took me through West Kensington Estates followed immediately by the splendour of old Kensington and on into Belgravia and Mayfair where everyone was all dressed up for parties and hailing taxies and generally being ostentatious. Also saw the Serpies but seeing as I was passed by every single one of them I think I'm not yet fast enough to run with them. 4.9 miles at 9/1.

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