Friday, 29 February 2008

The Double D Review: Foam Roller

I think I'm the last runner on earth to get wise to the wisdom of the foam roller. I was always kind of intimidated by them since I had no idea what to do with them. It's not like a weight machine or treadmill where the thing to do can be relatively easily inferred from the structure of the thing. I kept reading all these people raving about them, but I didn't want to buy things. But I've been so sore lately, especially after the 11 miles that ended with me limping the last 2 block home, that I haven't run this week at all. With a marathon 8 weeks away as of Sunday, now is not the time to fall off the wagon. So on Tuesday, I went for it, and ordered one. It arrived yesterday (!) and I rolled basically my whole body last night. Afterwards, for the first time in 2 weeks, I didn't hurt. I wasn't walking around looking for something to stretch myself against. My only complaint is that the exercises and how-to guide that came with this one weren't extensive, but a friend is a personal trainer in the States and gave me a link to some more detailed instructions which I'll be using this weekend after I start running again!
Pros: Worked out all the crap in my muscles to let me back on the roads
Cons: Kind of unweildy piece of equipment to have lying around
Double D Review Product Rating: 2 cups


bill carter said...

Hi Megan

I had been running for a couple of years before I found out about the foam roller. It is the most basic looking thing that just happens to be amazing. I work for a large health system and became very good friends with a physical therapist. She knew I was pretty dedicated to running and was shocked that I didn't know about foam rollers. I certainly do now and try to use mine on a daily basis. I only do it on my legs, but it does seem to make a HUGE difference. My wife loves it as well and rolls her whole body.

Great post and best of luck.

*jen* said...

Hey Megan,

I just stumbled upon your blog and am so glad I found this post...I've been wondering about foam rollers as well but felt too self-conscious to ask! As a newbie runner I know I have a lot to learn but sometimes find it difficult to get questions out. Thanks for this post :)