Friday, 1 February 2008

Week 5, Day 3: Getting it together (and a bit of celebration)

Ha ha ha. Yesterday I was all gloating about how I have been so motivated lately, and I was working from home to make sure I could run today, and on and on and on. I should know better. I spent the better part of an hour reading blogs and saying "I'll run in 15 minutes." Finally I was reading Marathon Moon, and she was talking about the blahs, and I was all set to write her a "hang in there, girl" comment, and I realized I didn't feel good commenting on runners blogs if I hadn't run my scheduled run for the day. So I gave myself a stern "get your shit together" talking to, put the dog in his crate, and set out for an easy 3 miles.

Pretty good run, I felt really relaxed and had to keep reminding myself to slow down so I'd be able to run the whole way. I was thinking about all the runner-bloggers, and how I don't do anything half-way (hence: Couch to 5K 18 months ago, marathon less than 3 months away) and whether that's a good thing or not (still no conclusion), and how excited I am to see my sister this weekend. I got irrationally annoyed at the smoker who blew her smoke right into my path just as I needed a big breath of air, and at the school kids who took up the whole pavement (aka sidewalk) and made me run into traffic (though I guess it serves me right for running when non-runners are awake).

I cheated a bit and stopped the timer and walked just a little, but then I was thinking about how in The NonRunners Marathon Trainer they talk about building up successes, and that when the marathon comes you'll be able to keep going even when you think you can't because of all the times you've kept going when you thought you couldn't in the past, and I ran the last quarter mile instead of saying "I've already done my 3 miles" and walking home.

And another thing. I'm scheduled for my first 10-mile run tomorrow. I'd prefer if it wasn't crappy out. So which weather should I believe?
The Google weather widget, that says this:

Today Sat Sun
Chance of Rain Mostly Sunny Cloudy
46° | 33°
44° | 37° 44° | 41°
The weather widget on my computer, that says:
Today Sat Sun
partly cloudy partly cloudy completely rainy and shitty (editorializing mine)
50/31 59/35 56/54, which reports:
Feb 1
Partly Cloudy
N/A/31° 20%

High not valid after 2pm
Feb 2
Partly Cloudy
43°/40° 20%
Feb 3
Cloudy / Wind
45°/41° 10%
My partner's reading of an unknown weather source:
Today Sat Sun
Nice Snow or rain Rain, maybe
Windy, but not too cold Freezing Cool

In any case, I'm running tomorrow. Let's hope for Google/ weather!

And now, the celebration:

If you look closely, really really closely, you will see that my average pace was under 11 min/mile! Not so long ago I was hoping to get under 12!
3.23 miles, 35:01

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kerrinhardy said...

Megan, really enjoyed your post!

Your post appeared in the second edition of the Running Blog Carnival last week. Thought I'd pop over and let you know that issue #2008-03 is now online too.