Friday, 8 February 2008

Week 6, Day 2: N is for negative splits (again!)

OK, I'm back. I don't know what was up on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Tuesday I decided in advance I wasn't going to run, so that's ok. But Wednesday and Thursday? No excuse. Just sleepy. Anyway. As promised, I'm repeating the "negative splits" workout. I really struggled with the pacing of this. The first mile was pretty right-on the desired 12 min/mile. The second mile was just under that. The third mile was higher, but there's a huge hill in the first half of this mile on this route (I walked up about a quarter-mile worth) so I was working harder even though I was slower, so that's ok. The fourth mile was down in the low 11s, and the last one was in the mid 10s. (I'll be more specific when I'm back with Big G but he's at home and I'm not right now, but want to write this down before I forget any more.) So, I did pretty well at negative splits, but I think I should be able to do this more smoothly, and I think overall I can push myself a little faster on all my runs. I want to finish this kind of workout feeling tired, like I can't run any more, but not like I'm going to die. I would have had to slow down, but I could have kept running this morning. I ran along with PodRunner's Ramp Mix this morning. I'm not a huge electronica fan, but this actually was pretty good. I think I'll keep using DJ SteveBoy for mid-week "speed" work, my preferred chic-rock for easy runs, and find the time to read by listening to audiobooks for long runs. I'm just starting The Shadow of the Wind, which is supposed to be really engrossing.

So, the plan for upcoming runs is: 4 miles tomorrow (let's pretend it's still Friday), 11 miles Sunday (regular weekend run - I'm going to pick out the faster of the first 9 or the last 9 for 9 on the 9th [ok, 10th]), rest Monday, get back on schedule with Tues/Wed/Thurs run, rest Fri, run 12 miles on Saturday while we're in Paris!

5.03 miles, 59:10.

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bill carter said...

Hi Megan

Running negative splits is always a very difficult thing to do. I try to incorporate this sort of thing into some of my workouts, but always find it very challenging. Some of the books I read espouse this idea of doing negative split marathons and I find that to be almost impossible for me. I try and do most of my races at a little quicker pace for the first half and than hang in there for the rest. Maybe I just need to do more of the negative split training variety.

Best of luck.