Monday, 21 April 2008

Double D Review: Moving Comfort Micro Brief with DriLayer

Not too long ago, I did my longest marathon-prep run. Don't laugh. At the end, I was having some chafage in the nether regions. I searched high and low for a pair of dry layer drawers, and finally found one (1!) pair at the runner's shop in Grand Central, having been to Modell's, Jackrabbit, and any other place in NYC I could think of. I probably wouldn't have bought more than one pair, anyway, since I had never tried them out and the only size they had I thought would be maybe a little too small. I put them on and they fit great. I ran a moderate-length run on one of the warmest days yet. No chafing. Now if I can only get them clean in time for the weekend.
Pros: No chafing! Comfy.
Cons: Impossible to find. $$$$ [I can't remember precisely, but something nearing $15]
Double D Rating: 1.5 cups.

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