Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Fooled me!

We got letter from the government agency that regulates gas meters saying they needed to replace something or other and needed access to our house. I got my boss to agree to a work at home day. I stayed home. I worked from my couch. About 3pm, I hadn't heard from them, so I called up the government agency. Apparently the engineer "couldn't find" our street, or our house, or his own ass, or something. So he wasn't coming. But of course now, it was the middle of the work day and I didn't really feel like I could just up and leave to go for a run. Grrrrrrr. Maybe it was just an elaborate April Fools joke.

So, at 5:30, I finally got dressed and took off. I decided that I'd take advantage of the basically unlimited time I had at my disposal (can we all celebrate Summer Time together?) and do an 8 mile run today and 2 shorter runs later in the week. I also decided to explore Regent's Canal west from my house (I've seen the east part when running the Limehouse route and also at then end of my long run last weekend). A really nice place to run, except for the bit where the canal goes into a tunnel you can't run and I had to figure out where to go without a good map and it turned out to be right through the busiest part of my neighborhood during the evening rush hour. Anyway, overall a great run including a couple of extra "quick" miles in the middle, and I'm feeling like I might be able to do the marathon. (I did notice a bit of runners brain in the shower after when I was trying to figure the equivalent marathon time and determined that I would have run a 9+ hour marathon, which didn't make any sense as I was faster than Saturday when I determined that I'd run at an <6 hour marathon pace. Oh, wait, 90*3 is not 360 but 180. Duh.)

In other news, I have noticed that my most popular post has to do with running bras, so I promise I'll post another review of the winners and losers soon. It's a subject that's near and dear to my heart, as a well-endowed lady who likes to run. Apparently I'm not the only one.

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Non-Runner Nancy said...

HA HA HA LMAO you are cracking me up.

Running and math definitely do not mix. :D