Sunday, 20 April 2008

Banksy Prepares Me

Cathy from JogBlog let me know about a new Banksy near me. Apparently she found out about it from LondonJogger but I can't seem to find it on her blog so I'll have to take the word of Cathy and my recollection that I read it there too. Considering its proximity to my house it's kind of embarassing I haven't seen it yet, so in preparation for the marathon next week (!) I made sure I went by it today on my run. I took a picture but am too dumb to figure out how to get it off my phone so check out JogBlog for a photo. It's covered in plastic now to protect it from the idiots who want to re-graffiti this piece of street art. Stupid Garmin runs out of batteries less than one mile in so I estimate a run and I accidentally turn west when I mean east at the canal and get to the Islington tunnel and get irritated at my idiocy and run around for a while until I feel like I've gotten a good run in and then I go home. Maybe 7 miles? Maybe an hour and a half? Who knows. Who cares? I'm feeling as ready as I can be.

Good luck tomorrow to Bill and everyone else running Boston. I'll be cheering you from afar!


londonjogger said...

good luck with your marathon neighbour :)

Meg said...