Saturday, 21 February 2009


Last night I accidentally drank a bottle of wine and drunkenly Facebook-bragged to JogBlog that I would still run today. So around 4 I finally got myself back on the roads for 6 miles that felt pretty good. I can definitely feel the time off, though.

OK, must update this worst blog post ever. I was running to get out the door (saw Catie Curtis last night at the Borderline...awesome as always) so I just wanted to get something in there so it would be on the right day.

So, first, must respond to Xenia who thought I should have taken photos of the nast on my foot. This is going to be gross, so close your eyes if you want! Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I have such runner's callouses on my feet that it didn't even look bad when it was at it's worst, and then the chiropodist used a blue towel to mop it up so I couldn't even tell how gross it was, but I will say that it felt immensely better as soon as she cut it open. But if I ever have that kind of painful hot spot again I'll get to the chiropodist ASAP.

Next, Irish Cream, my fellow wine, am I glad not to be the only one who drinks and then goes running. If only I was as fast as her when doing it.

Anyway, my run was pretty wasn't 6 miles nonstop - I took a break every mile and a half and had to do a little walking in my last bit, but even so I am really pleased to have done it. I wanted to go to yoga today but there's no good class anywhere close today, so I'll have to settle for running the kinks out of my legs tomorrow morning.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

A lesson from the land of the infected blister

Hooray, I've gotten the nast off my foot. The chiropodist poked me with a scalpel and some gross shit came out. I soaked it in a salt water bath last night which was really weird as I could actually feel infection being pulled out of my foot. It feels so much better today, and I am hopeful I can run again very soon. I wish I'd gone to see the chiropodist sooner, and I'm pissed that my GP couldn't have done this for me when I saw him a week ago.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Excuses, excuses

I have been berated by JogBlog for not blogging and not running. Which is totally true. I am full of suck. But I have an excuse in the form of the something-hideously-painful-and-probably-infected which is currently in residence on my foot. This week I can walk (yay!) which was more than I could say for most of my trip to Morocco, but the lazy guy at my surgery said he thinks it's somethat should be taken care of by a chiropodist, which I thought prior to reading this Wikipedia entry was a fake doctor akin to a "healer." Turns out it is actually someone with some medical training and is otherwise known as a podiatrist. Which I always thought was an MD with a specialty, like a surgeon or something. But I was wrong again. Thanks Wikipedia. Anyway. I'm off to see that guy today and hopefully will have this pain excised so I can run again soon because I have a half marathon coming up.