Monday, 14 April 2008

Local flavor

So, I'm in NYC this weekend (got to be here for work next week, wanted to visit with friends). I went for a run yesterday morning, but I really couldn't get into it. I walked rather more than I should have, wishing I had a book to listen to. On the way back, I was following a couple of guys and letting them pace me, which was awesome - when I started following them they were running my nice slow pace but slowly picked it up and I stayed with them for a couple of miles. It got me excited about the marathon; here's hoping there's someone planning a 5-5:30 marathon to run with me! I ended up running for about an hour and a half - not too bad.

Then we went out to sushi with a bunch of friends at our favorite place. We used to live near by and got to know these guys. Then we moved to another neighborhood, and didn't go as regularly, but they always remember us. They remembered that we'd moved to London when we came in last night, and asked how things are going. Meg told them about my marathon plans, and they came out after we left and gave me a T-shirt for the marathon! I won't wear it to run in but will bring it to wear right after and will take a picture and send it to them.

My friend ran the London marathon this morning in 5:27. Congrats, Anna!


londonjogger said...

arhh...sushi in the east village...brings back memories of my year in new york.

bill carter said...

Hi Megan

You will definitely find someone running right around your pace.. and that is the beauty of a race versus a training run. It is an interesting thing because you can kind of latch on to someone going a little faster if your feeling it or hook up with someone a little slower if your hurting.

Wow, your race is coming up fast and you are going to do great.

Best of luck.