Thursday, 31 January 2008

Week 5, Day 2: N is for negative splits

I set out this morning (yes, it should have been yesterday, but I was *sleepy*!) with negative splits in mind. Thus, I consciously started slow. Too slow. At a half-mile in, I was running 13 minute miles. Oops. The whole point of negative splits is to start a little slower than the natural pace, and end up a faster than the natural pace. It's a speed-building workout, see? Anyway, I picked it up a bit so that the first mile was in the 12:30-ish range. Ok, next mile, a little bit faster now - 12:15 or so. Then the next one - same (there's a big hill in there, so I was working harder for a similar pace...not ideal, but good enough). Hmm. At this rate, I'll be just on-pace by the end of the 5 miles. Pick it up a little more. 10:45 for mile 4. That may have been overdoing it, because the last mile I was totally dead and had to really push to do 11:10. I think I'll try this one again next week with a little better idea of what I need to do.

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