Thursday, 24 January 2008

Week 4, Day 2: I is for Intervals

Today I decided to do an interval run with half mile and quarter mile intervals, interspersed with quarter mile recoveries. I ran up the entire Finsbury Park hill, and walked less than one of the recovery intervals. Such a great run, so much progress from when I started running this route and from the first time I attempted a five mile run! And, to add to the happiness, the intervals ended up making my overall time significantly faster. The reasons for the "FINISH STRONG" series are several-fold: First, to practice increased pace in a hope to increase my regular pace. Second, to spice things up and ensure that I don't get into a rut. Third, it's a mantra I can repeat to myself as I'm doing it. Fourth, I think that this is going to help me finish the marathon with my arms held high. I've figured out some, but not all of the letters, so if you've got workouts that seem relevant to these letters, please let me know. 5 miles, 56:27.

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