Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Week 3, Day 2, v2: F is for fartlek

I had the most amazing run this morning. Well, once I got out of bed. Bob the clock beeped at me for a good half hour before I could get up. I decided, since I had to run an errand during my run, not to go on the usual 4-ish mile route, but rather just to go kind of where I felt like, aiming to end up at the bank at the end (or close enough). And if I'm going wherever, why not go at whatever speed too? I had fun saying, pick it up for a half mile, or to the next tree, or whatever. I also learned something. I can run for a lot longer if I pick up the pace just a bit - apparently my usual plodding pace is actually so annoyingly slow that I want to stop. But if I go at a push-it-a-little pace, not only do I not want to stop, but when I slow down to do recovery, I'd rather jog than walk, and then get going again. There's a revelation. 4 miles, 48:01.07

Week so far: 7

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