Friday, 18 January 2008

Week 3, Day 3, v2: Lazy Friday

I called in "sick" today - I just wasn't feeling my job, even though I'd both decided not to run today, arguing that this was a repeat week so skipping one day wouldn't be so bad, and taken a shower already. I went back to sleep and decided I would run later. We have some friends visiting for the weekend, so when they got here, we ordered lunch and I had a beer. Then I had to let that settle, of course. Finally around 4pm I got off my backside to run a nice easy 3 miles. I really tried to go out slow so that I'd have an easy time finishing it (though I looked at my splits later and I ran this in a 10:30-ish pace - so much for slow!) but I was still taking the occasional walk break. I was also trying to play with my Garmin Virtual Training Partner. I think the combination of a short course and not being substantially faster or slower than the last time I ran this course made it hard to see the little "last course" triangle for a while, but eventually I determined that I was solidly in front of my last time and determined to stay there. Of course, it turns out this is because of the fast first mile. Anyway, I finished the run well ahead of my little guy. So there. 3.2 miles, 38:25.

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