Thursday, 31 January 2008

Take it and Run Thursday: Motivation is Cyclic

Eating my afternoon snack and trying to think about what to say about motivation that hasn't already been said, and that isn't trite. And what I've come to is that motivation is cyclic.

I ran this morning, and I've been eating well and drinking loads of water all day. I have (almost) no desire for the microwave popcorn that's floating around the office - and that's one of my worst weaknesses. Cookies and cakes and ice cream don't interest me. And I can't wait to run again tomorrow - I'm working from home to ensure that I can, even though I have to begin my workday at 7am.

Unfortunately, it works the other way too. A week away from the trails will find me with one hand on the chocolate cake and the other wrapped around icy beer number 4. A half bottle of wine leads to an evening on the couch in my fat pants.

So how can I use this to my advantage? Everyone always talks about how saying "I'll just go out for 10 minutes and if I really hate it then I can quit" will often get you out the door. I think I've got to start even before that. "Just one workout. You don't have to eat well later if you don't want to." "Just one water before you move to beer tonight."

I'm off for more healthy beverage...


chloe elizabeth said...

I'm with you, the basics. Maybe I should just say, "Well, if I can just getting my running clothes/shoes on, I don't actually have to run." Ha ha ha.

Megan Hall said...

Yeah. Isn't it funny how sometimes we don't actually like running, per se, but we always like saying "I'm a runner."

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Great post! It's so true!! I need to start earlier too.