Friday, 7 December 2007

Week 2, Day 3: Friday December 7

My life is about to get crazy. I'm traveling to 3 countries, 4 states, in less than 3 weeks. Here's the mark of a budding runner - I'm trying to sort out how I can run in all the places/timezones I'm going to be in. Anyway, to begin the craziness, I'm not in the office today but at an offsite (though still in London). Lucky for me it didn't start until the middle of the day, so I got to sleep in some and still make my run today. Unfortunately, though, this meant that the streets were crowded again. Also, all my regular running clothes were in the wash. It doesn't matter. Off I go. Pretty good run, with a bit more walking than normal - not really sure why. I know we're in the buildup phase of the training, but my joints feel fine, my lungs are keeping up well, but my muscles haven't quite gotten there yet. It doesn't matter. Highbury Fields to Clissold Park route, 3 miles, 37:23 - I might get under 12 min/mile on this route yet! The big drop recently was running with my sister - but I'm proud to say I've sustained it after she left.
Week so far: 10.1 miles, 2:08:38

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Good luck with your running! Traveling that much and trying to get in the runs is so challenging. My rule is 10 minutes is always worth it - if I think I don't have time for something long, 10 minutes can't hurt.