Monday, 10 December 2007

Week 2, Day 3: Sunday December 9: Someone please take Hackney off the map!

I did it again. Went out for a nice, well mapped 6 mile run. One of the directions says "cross the river and head south." I must have turned north (no sun visible to tell me which way to go), because that was the last of the landmarks I saw. Instead I ended up running most of the way back to my house, but because I don't have my Christmas present yet, I didn't know it. Meanwhile, part way through the run I got, as they say here, "caught short" and had to go find a bush. Stupidly, I chose a bush that had prickly burrs in it. My legs were a bit numb (it's cold and rainy!) and I didn't feel them until I was on the wrong bus trying to go home (see again about north and south and the sun). An hour and a half later, cold, stinky, and hungry, I find myself riding the bus through Hackney. If you've been playing along at home, you'll know I've already been lost in Hackney once. At least this time I had bus fare. Roughly 6 miles, roughly 1 hour 15.

Week so far: 16 miles, 3:23:40
Cumulative: 31 miles, 6:47:30

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