Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Week 2, Day 1: Tuesday 4 December

3 miles scheduled. Beautiful quiet fall morning - not too cold, though I was certainly glad I had long pants and long sleeves. It was hard to wake up, but this week's mental mantra is "it doesn't matter" and that really helped me to get going. It felt good to be running, and running well-ish. Certainly not easy, and I'm still not fast, but it doesn't matter how fast I run. What matters is that I run. And after Sunday's long painful slog, it was great to see that I could still run. Lots of other runners out at 6:45, though basically no one else, and I felt awesome being a part of the community of runners, even if we don't talk to each other or even say hello. Oh, and I saw a fox! Highbury fields to clissold park route. 37:15.

Week so far: 3 miles, 37:15.

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