Saturday, 15 December 2007

Week 3, Day 2: baby it's cold outside

Friday December 14
Took the day off from running yesterday as I'd returned from Switzerland and a concert late. Glad I did - when I went to work it was still so slick with cold wet sidewalks I nearly killed myself
walking to the train. Today was not so cold, but I still broke out the ninja hat at 1:30 pm. Went for a good run on the Highbury Fields to Finsbury Park route. At the park a whole group of "yobs" tried (successfully, I might add) to startle me. They thought it was funny. [Eyeroll] I did pretty well, even though I stopped (and stopped the clock) to retie my shoes a couple of times. Ran to the Park n Pay on the hill - better than last time. 2 goals for this run next time: not to stop at the park gate, and even further up the hill. 4.13 miles, 55:23.38.

Week so far: 7.06 miles, 1:33:00.83

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