Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Week 3, Day 1: running jetlagged 101

Ok, not really jetlagged - 1 hour time difference cerainly isn't enough. But entry level in running in a new country 7 hours after getting off the plane. A good warm-up for what's to come. Basel has the lovely Rhine flowing through it so I ran along it this morning. In the pre-dawn, its very quiet, but the big hotels along either side are gorgeously lit. A few other runners, but not as many as I usually see in London. Is it because I wasn't in the right place, or do the Swiss not run? I started out unhappy because the hotel didn't have a gym, so I had to run outside, in the dark, in an unfamiliar city, where the street signs are hard to decipher. But now I'm so glad - what a beautiful (if a bit chilly and drizzly) morning. It doesn't matter, indeed. 2.93 miles, 37:37:45.

Week so far: 2.93 miles, 37:38.


amy@runnerslounge.com said...

Good for you again! You inspire me to run. I keep thinking - if she can do it in a place she doesn't know and while traveling, surely I can squeeze in a few on my old familiar treadmill.

Stay safe!

Crabby said...

It sounds like you're doing a great job!