Sunday, 16 December 2007

Week 3, Day 4: I'm a princess

7 miles scheduled today. I went back and forth abou the headgear. In the end I decided to forgo the wollen warm one. Mistake. It wasn't too bad except when the wind came up, but my lips and chin were CHILLY! At the outset, I was alternately dreading and excited about this run - my legs feel a bit heavy, but this was going to be the longest I'd ever run on purpose. I ran the Serpentines 3-park route, stopping the clock for map-finding, so not a lot of walking but a fair number of breaks nonetheless. This route takes you around the central London royal parks, including past both Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace (and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting - see the Serpentine website for a great description). I also decided it was time to do a little mid-run fueling. I meant to get some Lucozade, which is what they're planning to have at the marathon, but I forgot yesterday and they don't sell it at the M&S I went to. I went for 750 ml of water and a bag of Percy Pigs, which I ate about I every mile and a half or 2. This felt like a pretty good strategy, so if Lucozade sucks I'll probably use this as a backup. The water was in a huge bottle (all they had) - if anyone reading wants to send me a present, I'm in for one or two good handheld water bottles (reviews and recommendations requested from my runner friends). One place this route takes you is through the Sunken Gardens, outside Kensington Palace. My friend Cora said this was one of her favorite places when she was living in London, and I'd never been - it was nice to see, and made me think about Cora. Looking forward to seeing her this week, too. When the run was over, I decided to do a little last minute shopping - cut to me chasing the bus to Oxford Circus down the street. I outran it, though! 7.2 miles, 1:29:38.

Week so far: 17.3 miles, 3:39:07
Cumulative: 48 miles, 10:26:37

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