Tuesday, 16 September 2008

What's in my head today

Not a whole lot, that's what. Yesterday rode my bike in and discovered that I'm still no good at navigating - though I did average my fastest speed yet. Left it at work to cut 15 minutes off my commute time after Meg got hers stolen and really wanted me to be at home. Convinced myself to get out of bed this morning with a stern "you're going to eat like a pig tonight" (happy anniversary, baby) only to discover that the 10 minute rule got me right back into bed this morning. Most boring blog post ever.

I did have last Friday off from work (we're merging and moving - exciting stressful times) and my officemates had given me a gift certificate to The Sanctuary after I ran the marathon. I added a Thai Ritual thingy and the therapist laughed at my tight hips. Gotta get that sorted.

No photos from the vacation - it wasn't really that kind of holiday - though I did go to the US Open one day and maybe sometime soon I'll get around to uploading those photos and put a few here as this purports to be a fitness blog.

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