Monday, 21 July 2008

DIY energy sources

I used Percy Pig as my fuel source during marathon training. Actually worked pretty well, and I thought they would probably be decent - all processed foods contain salt (usually in excess) and with the pork gelatin there ought to be some protein in there to balance the high GI of all that sugar, right? A quick review reveals me to be Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Yikes.

So now I'm searching for a way to make my own gels. I have a real aversion to Shot Bloks and the like - partly because I'm cheap and partly because I always hated the taste of PowerBars and partly because I don't want to go quite so processed.

The recipes I've read on the web basically all use honey as the base, with salts, peanut butter, soy protein stuff, and/or flavorings added as you like. I'm thinking I'll experiment a bit - but what do you use? Have you ever tried to go DIY?


Marcy said...

Ooooooo considering that this chica CANNOT cook or prepare any sort of meal, it's best that I stay far far away from trying to make things myself LOL. Totally cool idea though :-)

Frayed Laces said...

I understand about saving money, but sometimes it can be a PAIN to make stuff yourself. A lot of seasoned marathoners run using real food, but just stuff that's easy to digest. Gummi Bears or hard candy seem to work just fine for a lot of people. As weird as it sounds, I know some people who lightly salt their gummibears to get the needed salt in. I've heard of honey packets as well (score free from Starbucks).