Monday, 20 July 2009

Matter over mind...

Usually, the fight between my brain and my body goes something like this:
Brain: 'Time to get up'
Body: 'Sleepy...'
-repeat until it's too late to go to yoga/run-
and the body wins.
Today, the body still won, but it went like this:
Brain: 'Not ready to go to yoga, forgot to buy class pass, not sure yesterday's horrible headache is gone, let's go back to sleep.'
Body: 'Ok. Oh wait, no, we're awake, let's get up.'
And so up I got. The battle between mind and matter is still tilted rather wrongly, but at least 'Body' had the right idea today.
And actually, as always, I'm glad I got up. I started doing some preparations for backbends. My spine is so stiff it's not even funny. Little by little, though...
Today there was a (heavily) pregnant woman in my class. Clearly she's a regular as Philippa knew her and Mysore isn't something you start 7 months into your pregnancy, but I was still really impressed at her. Other than that, though, the attendance was really light which is surprising since the moonday isn't until Wednesday (traditional Mysore/Ashtanga practitioners don't practice on new/full moon, not that I'll let that stop me as I have a hard time believing the cycle of the moon has that big an impact, or really much of an impact at all, but I'm a cynic like that).

Thanks to those who have commented on the relationship between your childhood fitness practices and your fitness practices today, I'm really interested to keep reading about others experiences!

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