Monday, 13 July 2009

Some time off might have done me some good

My feet still hurt. Anyone have any ideas? I took most of last week off entirely, but they still hurt. I've been trying to strengthen my ankles (standing on one leg while I brush my teeth, mainly) to no avail.
But anyway, I can't just not train, so I went to yoga again this morning. And I found that the time off has helped a bit - I found the plank-chattaranga-updog transition much easier than before. I've learned all the standing poses in primary series so am continuing to work on those, in particular trying to get the spinal flexibility and chest muscle looseness to put my arm behind my back and grab the other arm (eventually to be grabbing a toe, but that's a long way off still). It amuses me to no end that Philippa has to push my shoulders down toward the ground in shavasana (aka corpse pose - the one where you lay on the ground!).
Unfortunately though I was in a bit of a hurry this morning so didn't get to relax into the practice as much as I would have liked. I'm at an offsite today writing web content, joy joy joy. Time to run again tomorrow!


lifestudent said...

sometimes you really need to just take a break. That might even be from yoga? Your body needs exercise, but it needs recovery too ;)

Jamie said...

Sorry to hear about the continuing foot pain. Maybe a rest from everything will do the feet some good? Good luck!