Wednesday, 12 March 2008

It just takes one

Neither Meg nor I had any money in our wallets last night, and our housekeeper was coming today. So I said I'd run to the bank in the morning to get cash - not quite 4 miles which was my scheduled run for the first run of this week. And the alarm went off, and I contemplated not running as I have for the last several days, and then I remembered that we needed cash. And I made it out the door. Not a great run, but I'm feeling more inspired to do the training somehow.

In other news, I'm also inspired by someone else running his first marathon this spring.

Finally, thanks for all your comments and continuing support even when I'm not running, or blogging, as regularly as I should be.

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bill carter said...

Hi Megan

Congrats to you for just getting out the door and getting your run in. You can say it was just because you needed cash, but the fact that you made your run a part of something you needed to do shows you are pretty dedicated to your running.

Best of luck with your training.