Monday, 24 March 2008

Running errands

My last 3 runs have been of the "I'll run to X that I have to do anyway" variety. It's been a great motivator for me. From the trip to the ATM, to the camping store on my long run well over a week ago, to my attempt to buy new knitting needles today that provided the impetus for me to get off my cozy couch and out into the hail/snow/rain/cold, these have been good ways to ensure I run even when I might not exactly want to. Which is good - because the marathon is now 5 weeks away, and the last month has been less than ideal in the training department. But 5 weeks is long enough to make a difference (I hope) but short enough to make me focus, so I'm re-dedicating myself to the training: 3 weeks of hard training and 2 weeks to taper. I think the 16 week training program was too long for me, and although I'm already thinking about the next couple of races I want to run, I think I'm planning to do a shorter program. I'm planning a 10k with my office in early July, so my tentative plan is to take a month after the marathon to recover, run when I feel like it, etc, then take 8 weeks to get myself ready to run a <1 hour 10k - from a 11-12 min/mile base, I think this is feasible, right?

Today's run featured quite a bit of the mantra, and a lot of time thinking about why I run, who I run for, etc, and a small bit of running "with" all my blogger friends. I had quite a long conversation with Marathon Dude Bill, in particular.

Apologies that I haven't kept up with everyone lately - I've felt guilty about my lack of running and that's translated into guilt about reading about running. But I'm back on the roads, and online.


Meg said...

Running errands are great! Now most of my laundry is done while I run, going to the pharmacy was a bit of a stretch (I began to sweat a lot indoors and I think I grossed them out!), going to the ATM, etc.
Good luck with your last 5 weeks!

bill carter said...

Hi Megan

I can only imagine what we talked about.. It is a funny thing the stuff that goes through your mind as you run. You can think about everything or nothing at all. You can try to solve the problems of the world (I'm thinking that would be a long run..) or just your own daily issues (and for me that would be a long run as well). But the coolest thing that I have learned, is that when I run it is truly my own time. I know a lot of people like to run as a group and make it a social thing, but I honestly run to be alone. I take care of both my family and my patients as best I can. When I run, it is just me and my pounding feet.

You are going to do just great with your marathon. Those last few miles are never pretty, but you have the mindset to get through. It really takes a survivor's mentality and a fair share of toughness.

Don't stress too much about the training, do the best you can, and make sure you get to the starting line healthy and well rested.

As always, best of luck.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I have all sorts of conversations too!! Good luck with the training. You'll do great, just keep at it.