Tuesday, 20 May 2008


I went out for my first hash last night. It was really fun, and the people were so welcoming. They tried to get me to come out for another one tonight, but the one I went to last night is supposed to be a "social" hash and and I was middle-to-back of the pack. Tonight's is a "runners" hash so I think I'll wait until I improve a bit before I join them. In any case, I'll totally be back, though I perhaps could have chosen better as a first-after-the-marathon-and-three-weeks-on-the-couch run. Wow am I stiff this morning though. And the welcome beers meant that Morning Brain was joined by Hangover Brain so I did not do the planned 6 miles this morning. Luckily I have a mid-morning dr's appt tomorrow so I can do them tomorrow without having to wake up extra early - that seems like a good way to ease back into it!


See Zanne Run said...

ooh! this sounds like fun. i would totally run for beer. maybe i should look for one of these. is it the kind where someone sprinkles powder on the sidewalks and you have to follow it to next pub? --love the morning brain & hangover brain references!

Megan Hall said...

I think that's the way it happens in the US - but in London if you stopped every time you came across a pub you'd never finish! So we started and ended at a pub and ran past approximately 1 million in between. Totally fun though!