Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Consider me kicked

I asked for a kick in the pants to get my lazy butt out of bed. Consider me kicked.

I'm doing a vaguely-FIRST-like training for a couple of weeks before a 10k. I based the times off a good (for me) training run, one that would have had me running a 33-ish minute 5k, with the idea that after the 10k I will re-evaluate (or maybe just continue with these training paces) for another 10k (probably the Hampstead Midsummer 10k on June 22) (can I get another parenthetical into this sentence?). Then a fall half marathon. I got a golden bond place to Run to the Beat (expect to see me begging for donations soon) on October 5, and I'll be on holiday for 2 weeks at the end of June/beginning of July, so this schedule would give me something to train for during the next month, a couple weeks without plan while on holiday, then basically return home in time for a 12-week training program to begin.

Anyway, so today I did Key Run #1 - intervals. I cut the warmup and cooldown a little short, mostly because I didn't get up in time to run the full 6 miles on the schedule. I did all 8 intervals (program says 400s, I find it easier to do quarter-miles because Garmin is set up in miles) and managed to keep the splits pretty consistent; my recovery intervals actually got faster - I started out by walking them but was getting bored so started jogging most of them to no ill effect. I struggled a bit with feeling a little crampy during the recoveries, but felt great when actually running. Guess I shouldn't take recoveries!


Shilingi-Moja said...
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Shilingi-Moja said...

Megan -- thanks for stopping by my blog. Yeah, I did the same thing -- read "Heath Shake" as "Health Shake" -- and had the same reaction. Then, when I saw the numbers, I had to look at the name a second time. That's some killer shake.

Good luck on training for your 10K. I've heard really good things about the FIRST program. I use a Runner's World training program to prep for races because I want to run more than 3 times per week but FIRST seem solid.


Joe said...

I've thought about doing interval training to get in my speedwork.

10Ks are a great distance to run. How often do you run races?

L*I*S*A said...

Thanks for popping in to my blog. I appreciate it.

Oh, and I definitely think there should be a finish VIP area for those runners who finish 4+ hours for a marathon.

Great idea!

See Zanne Run said...

oooh - i'll be following your progress on this FIRST method ... i'm mildly intrigued & may use it for my next marathon. - i have heard great things about it. right now, i love the fact that its just 3 days a week! more time for the bike!

bill carter said...

Hi Megan

Look at you, going after the 10ks like there is no tomorrow. I think the 10k is such an awesome distance.. far enough to be a challenge, yet not so far that it really beats you up. BTW, it look like your getting all speedy and stuff (33ish 5k ??)

Best of luck with all the training and of course have a great holiday.