Thursday, 7 August 2008

Social networking for athletes: because I didn't run today

I read about dailymile on someone else's blog. It's like Twitter and MySpace but with an athlete's focus - or so I hear as I'm totally not cool enough to be on either of those things. Anyway, it's pretty interesting - though I wish it had a widget so I could use it to track my training and post it here (the only widget they have so far is for putting races up on your blog). It's new though, and so far invite only. If you're interested, I'll share the love I got from the RBF myself. Just post a comment asking for an invite.

And that's what I've done for fitness today. Gave myself yet another thing to read about running, instead of running. I suck.

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lifestudent said...

Reading about running is better than taking off from running and reading celebrity gossip :) At least your head is still in the game!