Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A little bit of Mambo Number 5

I was in this CD swap with a bunch of other runners and somebody put Lou Bega's Mambo Number 5 on my ipod and now whenever I want to talk about a "little of this, a little of that" that's the song that's in my head.

  • I get a lot of hits wondering about whether it's better to work out in the morning or the afternoon. I don't know. I have heard somewhere (one of you, maybe?) that people who work out in the morning miss fewer workouts but get injured more. My own experience is that, once I'm in the habit, mornings are better because I do miss fewer workouts. It's the getting-in-the-habit that's problematic. What do you do to make that happen?
  • I do love me some yoga. I love it when I do it at home, I enjoy my classes, it's actually one of the times I'm happiest. But we've been using the room-I-formerly-occasionally-used-as-a-yoga-studio as a bike and assorted other crap storage room (aka garage), and the (real) dog is not that helpful when trying to do downward-facing-dog in the living room, so that's pretty much home yoga out right now. I've tried to go to class a couple of times lately and they've been overful. There aren't a lot of good ones near my office or near my home, and the ones there are are at awful times. One of my friends was raving about Bikram last night so I thought I'd try to find one of those, but no dice there either. Though I suspect that might have more to do with the office in Hammersmith than anything else. So I'll be departing promptly at 5:30 tonight to get to the 7pm class.
  • I would really like to find a running partner. But I'm kind of picky - I would like someone to be near me (so somewhere between Highbury Fields and Finsbury Park), someone who is about my speed (slow!), and wanting to work out before work at around 6:30. Any takers? Or, more realistically, how can I find such a person?
  • Some guy from Nike's interactive agency contacted me and wanted me to pimp their Girls vs Boys challenge. Look it up if you're interested.
  • I also got a note from Addidas prior to the Reading Half Marathon that, if you run in their shoes, you automatically are a member of their "VIP club" and can get a pasta meal and some other stuff. I'm kind of irritated by this, because I choose my shoes based on what works for me and my feet, not by the promise of a free pasta dinner. And how can this kind of thing be effective for them? I'm confused


lifestudent said...

I used to love Mambo Number 5! That song makes me shake my bootie.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Love that song! Just checking in!! Wish I could be your running partner.

Take care.