Friday, 27 March 2009

Skipping out...

The Fabulously Flexible Nancy, having loads of time on her hands after her surgery, has been checking up on me, reminding me that no matter how crap I feel or how stressed out by work I am or how little running I've done, I really ought not to neglect my blog. (Well, she didn't say that, exactly, but it's still true.) And while I'd love to run with her, unfortunately I think she's got to stop with the running due to her Fabulous Flexibilty. Which makes her rather sad. Which in turn makes me feel rather guilty to report that I will be pulling out of the Reading Half-Marathon this weekend. If I'd been well-trained, but as sick as I have been, I would go. If I were not sick, but as poorly trained as I am, I would go. If I weren't going on holiday next week that will include bike riding and scuba diving (!) I would go. But with all of those things, I can't really see myself doing well and having a good time. So I'm just being honest that I'm not going, and instead will party like a rock star at the Metallica concert on Saturday and sleep through the time change on Sunday and get prepared to go to Vietnam. Have I mentioned how excited I am lately?

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Non-Runner Nancy said...

Nah, I've been the picture of neglect as far as my blog goes. Gotta do what makes you happy and if you don't think you would have fun, sounds like the right decision!!

Rock on.