Monday, 27 April 2009

This is why I run

I'm back from an amazing holiday in Vietnam, with pictures to come as soon as I finish editing them. But it was an amazing reminder of why I run, because it was an awesomely active vacation. We rode 200k on our bikes in 4 days through the Mekong Delta (it was hotter than anything, and humidity to match, and though I was very careful with the sun my arms are still peeling a little 2 weeks later, but seriously beautiful and fascinating) then went to Nha Trang and got certified to SCUBA. I am completely in love with this new activity, and want to go all the time now! Who wants to go diving? UK divers? But it was also a good reminder that I enjoy the active life.

In other news, my dad completed his first 5k this weekend on his way to a half-marathon this fall. I'm so proud of him!

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Irish Cream said...

Wow, your trip sounds AMAZING . . . I can't wait to see pictures!

Also, congrats to your dad! That's a really great accomplishment!