Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Ecofriendly running shoes - the next frontier?

Runners go through an enormous number of shoes. Whether you donate your used ones to the homeless, get them remade into athletic track surface, or putter around in the garden with them, you've got to do something to keep them from cluttering your closet after the cushioning has worn out and they've done their required 500 miles (that could be 12 pair a year if you run as much as Betsy!). The materials that go into them aren't exactly biodegradable - yet. Apparently some elite marathoners at Beijing will be running in shoes constructed partly of rice.


Meg said...

I was super excited to hear my local running store was holding a shoe donation drive in June. It's an awesome idea!

Erin said...

not only am I an avid runner, but I tend to be a huge packrat. Especially when I have a good race or something in a certain pair of shoes, it makes it harder to give them away. I can't wait to see how these rice shoes work. Until then, I will keep using my Nike shoes from