Tuesday, 17 June 2008

On On with the FRBs

Went out for another hash yesterday. Some familiar (to me) faces but since I haven't been in a month they thought I was a newbie again. Much older crowd than last time, and the location (Clapham South) is in outer-fucking-mongolia as far as my regular tube riding goes. Still, good to see a new area of London, and I was keeping up much better than last time. Partly I think it was that the trail was laid by a back-of-the-packer so he really thought about how to keep the group together, and partly I was feeling a little fresher, but I did find myself at the front of the pack (among the Front Running Bastards [FRBs]) in search of the trail for a few minutes. Afterwards was pretty low-key, but the pub provided snacks - a nice surprise. All in all a little less welcoming than last time, but I'll give it one more shot.


Joe said...

So how do you like running with others? I've always liked running by myself, but sometimes the company is nice.


bill carter said...

Hi Megan

It is really an interesting contrast in culture when I hear your stories about how things are in London. I guess we tend to be so ?ethnocentric that we are naive or ignorant of how other people do live.

Glad the running seems to be going well and look at you hanging out with the FRBs.... I'm going to start calling you Speedy if you keep that up.

Laura N said...

Hi! I was glad to see your comment on my blog. I'll look forward to getting to know you.

On the question as to whether that top is supportive--it is if all you are doing is hanging around with friends & family. I wouldn't want to jog or do anything very active in it. It was *just right* for containing the girls, but there wasn't support for much movement. It does look super cute, though.

Jess said...

OFM, huh? Is that near BFE?