Monday, 16 June 2008

Lazy weekend

No running at all this weekend. Friday afternoon was spent in search of a dress for a Saturday Bat Mitzvah. Then of course Saturday was the event, which we planned very poorly for. Early wakeup, train to Heathrow to hire a car, drive to temple, listen to Hebrew. Congratulate honorees. Now have 5 hours to kill before reception but are hours from home. Wish we had brought something to do, or had been able to figure out a way to shower so I could run during this time. Go to the movies and eat too much popcorn instead. Attend reception with loads of 13 year olds. Laugh while they dance dances with names (macarena, electric slide, etc). Drive back to Heathrow. Return car. Get on tube home with 19 year olds drunk and talking loudly. Go home, fall into bed, sleep 12 hours. Wake up in time to quick clean the house before brunch with a friend and landlord coming over. Get drunk with friend. Realise no running will be done. Fall into bed. Wake up with a start that it's Monday morning and feel sad.

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Juls said...

I just wanted to say Hi since I am here. I'm not quite sure why Technorati said your blog was linked to mine, but that is how I ended up here.

Congrats on your April Marathon Finish! I also hope your sadness eased up today.