Monday, 26 January 2009

Pre-dawn musings

So I'm up just past 6 this morning (+1) and outside for a run (+1). This makes me happy, even though it's Monday. Unlike those commercials for Reed or somesuch job site, I do not [heart] Mondays. Anyway. With no particular destination in mind, just an idea to run for roughly 40 minutes, I set off.

Weird thing I noticed today: the fishmongers are open before 7. The butchers are not. Are people really so much more likely to buy skate or turbot before breakfast? Where will the English get their Monday morning rashers?

Maybe that's just my neighborhood. I felt pretty self-righteous being outside before the sun was up. I'm full of myself that way. I ran the whole way - which is kind of a sad accomplishment since it was 5k in 38 minutes - but is also a good accomplishment considering my (lack of) running lately and how if I don't kick it into gear, JogBlog and her coterie of runners trailing her at Reading will school me in a way I don't even want to think about. And this post makes +1 more - so I'm 3 for 3 today and it's not even time for elevenses.

Got to add this: My dad has decided to run/walk a half marathon before he can start collecting Social Security (November 09). I'm so proud of him. Check him out on dailymile. (PS - that's my dog in the photo, and yes, they are kayaking. The dog has a lifevest.)

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bill carter said...

Hi Megan

I love this post. You had me pondering why people might eat fish instead of meat and if this really made sense and well I thought it was cool.

Glad to hear your running is going well.