Monday, 5 January 2009


It's well past time to make NY Resolutions, and I don't really believe in them anyway as they usually last about 2 minutes before I give up on them and/or forget about them. But, here are some goals that I have for myself:
1. Wake up at 6 at least 5, and preferably 7, days per week. Not unrelated to:
2. Exercise in some form every day.
3. Write every day, whether it's blog (check for today!) or work on my fiction writing.

These goals are in place to help me maintain sanity. Joe's Goals (see badge in sidebar) keeps me honest. Each item is worth 1 point. When I get to 50, I get something good. New running gear, maybe? Something spiffy for my bike? Book? Your suggestions?

So, let's check in on today: woke up at 6, but went right back to sleep. No points.
Exercise: see above, though I brought my running gear so I can go after work; just have to decide if I want to do a patented Jog Blog Running Commute or just a quick jaunt near my office and come back for my things. But I have to get going if I'm going to run (and not shuffle) the Reading Half with everyone...
Writing: see blog post. 1 point. 45 left to go...


jogblog said...

I've been trying to do 1 and 3 forever. I can do the waking up bit, I just can't do the getting up bit. And then I sit in front of my computer to write something and end up looking at Facebook or people's blogs for hours instead. I need a no. 4: Learn some self-discipline!

Database Diva said...

I read somewhere that I should be getting 8 hours of sleep, with at least 2 before midnight, so I made a goal of getting to bed at 10. Extremely difficult, but I have been getting to bed earlier as a result. It hasn't led to very much getting up earlier, but I feel rested when I get up. For now I will continue to be an afternoon/evening exerciser. It's not all bad. I read in a running magazine that morning runners miss fewer workouts, but get injured more often than afternoon runners.