Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Keep reaching, and reaching, and you will eventually get there

After yoga on Monday, I exchanged emails with my awesome friend Andrea the Metallica-loving yogi. Among the many hats she wears is the yoga teacher one [what kind of hat does a yoga teacher wear?], so I was asking her about my inability to reach the floor in utthita parsvakonasona. Of course Brett in class helps me physically, but he can't be everywhere at once, an I find I'm a pretty intellectually-driven person so I wanted to talk with someone about what I should be thinking about in order to make this pose work properly. Her advice was to open my stance up further and we talked a bit about how I think that my breasts get in the way. I spent the next two days thinking about getting into this pose, and sinking low into my hips before reaching for the floor. And today, I got (mostly) there! Started my day off right. Too bad it's all gone to shit since then.

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Dr.Rutledge said...

Hi Megan,

Sorry to hear your day went down hill. Hopefully you'll have a better tomorrow.

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