Friday, 15 May 2009

Laying on of hands

I'm officially in love with Mysore. I went this morning early enough to be through sun salutations before the opening chant. I didn't know any of the words/sounds, but whatever. As an aside, I've noticed that if I go to bed kind of late (like 1am) after having a few drinks, I weirdly find it easier to wake up early than if I go to bed on time (11:30). Which has led to some hung-over early weekend mornings. Anyway. Brett came over when I was doing utthita trikonasona and helped me open my shoulders/twist properly and to move my hips away from my spine. He just kind of put his hands on my lower back and moved things ever so slightly in the right direction, and I could feel how it was supposed to feel. A weirdly intimate and yet detatched kind of touching - he doesn't even know my name and I only know his because I read the sign-in slip. But I could feel it improving my practice already, and after only 2 days of Mysore I'm getting closer to putting my hands flat on the floor in uttanasana. (And yes, I've looked up all these Sanskrit names.)

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