Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Running Music & Great Wall Marathon Swag Bag Contest

Big B on the Road is insane enough to be running a marathon on the Great Wall of China. I've just started reading his blog based on a Twitter tip from Runners Lounge, so I'm just speculating when I say this is his first marathon. Great Wall for your first time sounds both cool and, as I said before, slightly crazy. Though I suppose not so much more crazy than running a marathon, which I also have done and intend to do again.

Anyway. To go along with this, he's looking for some new music for his iPod, and giving some stuff away. Basically, go to his blog and suggest your favourite running song for a chance to win some cool stuff from his marathon. But even if you don't win that great prize, there are (as of this writing) 24 songs you can add to your own running playlist. And who couldn't use some new tunes?


Brian said...

Love it! It is my first marathon, it was a "what the hell" spur of the moment deal, thanks for the post!

Irish Cream said...

Wow, that is badass! I will have to stop by and leave him a comment! Thanks for sharing!