Friday, 19 June 2009

Does yoga improve running?

I wouldn't know, but Runner Kara posted a link to a story that posits that it does, and gives advice on how to make the two work together. I know for myself that I feel less stiff after running, stronger, more healthful about my life in general when I do yoga.

The reason I wouldn't know if running improves yoga or vice versa is that I really haven't been that consistent with either of them, except the last 19 days. Well, excluding yesterday's big fat FAIL, which I'll blame on feeling really shit. I did nothing of note yesterday. I was meant to run 6 miles, and woke up completely unable to get out of bed. After sleeping for several extra hours I found myself able to move as far as the couch but no running. I even tried convincing myself to go for 4 miles, or even 1 mile. But no, FAIL. Oh well.

Yoga this morning. My mat is getting worn through, and I'll have to replace it soon, but I've promised it to myself after Juneathon if I've been successful. Class this week has been led by Katie. I miss Brett, honestly. Maybe it's just that I've been a little later this week, so there are more people there when I get there, but I feel more personalised attention from Brett, and I also feel less like a fraud for being at the place in my practice I am with him. Can't really put my finger on it, but I get the sense that Katie feels she's wasting her time helping me through utthita hasta paddangusthasana. Oh well, Philippa will be back in a week and a half. (Though I've never practiced with her, so what do I know?)

Juneathons: 18/19 (+ 2 extra credit)


Anonymous said...

Do think you can teach yourself yoga at home and get any benefit from it? I had some basic classes but living abroad I' d have to take the class in another language, which kind of stresses me instead of relaxing me. Your thoughts?

Jamie said...

I wouldn't know but I've heard it does. Don't be too hard on yourself for taking a rest day. sounds like you needed it!

Megan Hall said...

SoundMindSoundBody: I definitely think you can. I've got a few websites listed on the blog, DVDs are good, even books. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who hasn't done at least a few classes/sessions with an instructor to learn the poses and general principles of the alignment, so you don't get hurt, but if you've taken some classes before I think you'll be fine. Also (I know I'm pimping Mysore all the time now, what can I say, I'm a convert!) Mysore-style ashtanga isn't led, you do it on your own with a teacher providing physical guidance, so the other-language thing should be less of an issue.