Monday, 1 June 2009

Juneathon day 1: Monday Morning Mysore

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It's Juneathon and so even though I was late getting to bed last night due to a restorative yoga class that didn't end until 9 and then did not go home the most efficient way (nor did I go there the most efficient way, which is how bike-for-transport becomes bike-for-workout-in-flipflops) I got up as directed by the buzzing Blackberry because it would be really bad to FAIL on day 1 of Juneathon and so off to class goes I.

I got there just in time for the chant, which I really ought to learn the words to but as I don't know them yet I just stood quietly before doing all 10 sun salutations hooray. Brett is away - he went to India for the funeral of Guruji - so Jamie the hands-on led class today. As I'm doing yoga mudra (or, you know, what passes for it given that I can neither do lotus or grab even my elbows behind my back or get my chin anywhere near the floor) he comes over to talk to me and asks if I'mve been practicing mostly with Brett or with Phillipa and I say Brett as I started my practice after Phillipa went to India already and apparently he'll be back tomorrow so Jamie doesn't want to give me a new pose but he suggests that the next step for me ought to be adding even more sun salutations until I'm doing 7 or even more of each as this should help me build my stamina. Um, ok. Though actually this is probably not a bad idea while I continue working on utthita pasrvakonasana.

Juneathons: 1/1

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