Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The energy of speed

I am doing an off-site meeting today that starts later than my normal work day (yay!) but not so late as to make it feasible to go into the office beforehand. So I got to sleep an extra hour before going to yoga (and truthfully, could have done another half hour without problems).

So I get to yoga nearly an hour later than normal and of course it's much more crowded than normal. Usually I'm one of the first 7-8 people there, so there's tons of room everywhere. This morning I came in and there were people finishing their practice (that's usually me at this time) and 20 people in the room already. I like the early morning practice better, but this was a nice change of pace.

Something about the room this morning had me flying through the poses. I only did 8 sun salutations but that shouldn't account for the 5+ minutes shorter I was today. I was talking to this woman in the changing area afterwards (I'm a regular enough that people talk to me! It's only taken 2 years in London...and a month at this class. Hmmm, maybe I should have done this earlier.) and she was remarking on how she felt she was speeding through it too. Must have been something in the air. Why can't that ever happen to me while running? I'd rather take my time at yoga and run quicker, instead of the other way around.

yoga up through utthita hasta padangustanasana
Juneathons: 17/17 (+2 extra credit)

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