Thursday, 25 June 2009

Heavy legs like lead

The title describes it all with respect to this morning's run. I was scheduled to do 5 miles at 11:45. I decided even before leaving the house to cut it to 4, since I'm still easing into this whole training seriously thing. (I'm adapting the FIRST program pretty liberally!) But I just could not get into it, either mentally or physically this morning, and I ended up walking a good portion of the 3 miles I ended up doing.

This picture describes how my legs feel:Original image courtesy germanuncut77 via Flickr. Bad photoshopping all mine.

3 miles, 41:09
Juneathons: 24/25 (+2 extra credits)


Anonymous said...

Just keep the fire burning! Make that passion stronger every passing day! : ) Your pic tells it indeed how you must have felt.. Nevertheless, keep on pushing on! : )

Megan Hall said...

Thanks for stopping by, runnerinsight! You've got an incredible story, and I can't wait to read more.

Highway Kind said...

Walk run is always a good strategy, especially when you feel leaden.

One of the strategies I have is to tell myself I am on an outing, just taking a bit of time in the fresh air.

I can stop to look round or walk if it feels better. All I want is to do my route as easily as possible.

Don't be discouraged.

Jamie said...

Oh I've had those days more than I would like. I always make little goals/compromises during the run and allow myself to stop if I really need to.