Saturday, 13 June 2009

The hunter and the vegetarian

So we went to see Under the Sea in IMAX 3D today (just under 10 miles round-trip, something around an hour via bike), Meg's idea of a Saturday afternoon date. I found myself surrounded by two 8-year-old ankle/knee-biters who will probably find themselves cohabitating in 20 years (JogBlog & the Meat Eater? perhaps).

Behind me was the budding vegetarian. It cried every time something got hunted. Me, I was all intrigued by watching the cuttlefish eat the crab. I mean, how many hours did they need to spend scuba diving (with the rebreather no less) to get the 30 seconds of footage of one marine animal eating another? The future-veg did not like the implication of watching the sea lions, followed by the sharks, followed by the sea lions again, while Jim Carrey intoned, 'Everything in the sea depends on something else.'

On my left, crazy safari 8-year-old. He spent the entire 40 minutes of the movie trying to 'catch' the 3D animals shown on screen. I finally had to tell him to sit still.

Somewhere in this, we rode bikes. So this counts for Juneathon, right?

Juneathons 13/13 (+2 extra credit)

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Brian said...

Haha, thats hilarious. You probly couldve flicked the kids ear and he wouldve thought it was part of the movie :)