Monday, 8 June 2009

Your questions answered, and some questions posed

Thanks for your comments over the past few days. For Juneathon day 8, I thought I'd give some thought to your questions:

How do you stretch a bike rack? Highway Kind asks why I'm taking my cycling equipment to yoga. Good question. I think I misspoke a bit, I don't really mean stretch. The red arrow points at the bits that are meant to go around my bike tire on the frame at the back. You're supposed to kind of spread the two arms apart. For whatever reason, my bike has a really wide frame at that spot. I tried my hardest to pull the arms apart at the appropriate spot. I could kind of, sort of, get them to go onto the frame properly, if I pulled hard enough to worry about throwing my back out and got Meg to help me, but we could never get them to stay properly long enough to put the screws in. So, we'll try version number 2, which seemed better when I tried it in the shop.

Is Juneathon a big commitment? Well, yes and no. Cranky Girl is curious if I ought to be committed, or if I'm just committed for the month. So far, I've really not done much more than I would have done even without Juneathon, it's just made me be conscious of not skipping for no reason at all. But I suspect that, as Juneathon goes on, the things we all count as Juneathon activities will get more 'creative'.

Can I blog about what I've made from Vegan Brunch? JogBlog is rightly wondering what I've done with the book I intercepted from Tracy. Yes, I can. Just as soon as I make something from the book, which should be tomorrow for dinner.

And now, a question for you. A while back, Meg and I went to this amazing dinner at the School of Life (philosopher figures out how to make the degree pay!) and, along with the food menu was a conversational menu. I thought I'd pose one or two here, with a running/fitness slant if you like. So:

Who have you encountered in your (running) life who has really stood out, and why? Answer in the comments, or on your own blog if you prefer - just link back or comment so we can read all your answers.

Juneathons: 8/8 (+1 extra credit) with yoga this morning.

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