Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Walking the dog & Juneathon roundup

MY FEET HURT!!!! I know exactly why - I've more than doubled my mileage from last month, up from exactly 0 the month before, but I've got a half marathon to run and can't be actually getting injured so I should take this pain as a warning. I skipped the run this morning in the hopes that a day in my running shoes but just hanging out in my office would set things right and I'd be able to run tonight. No such luck, but it's the last day of Juneathon so I can't be having a FAIL today. So instead I took the dog for a brisk (well, as brisk as you can be when your legs are less than 12 inches long) walk for about a half-hour longer than he usually gets. He was panting by the end - at least one of us was! - clearly needs to engage in a juneathon of his own.

Final Juneathon statistics:
* something active: 28/30 + 2 extra credit:

* blogging:

* runs: 10
* yoga: 12
* bikes: 7
* walks: 2
* slightly suspect things I counted for Juneathon anyway: 3 (2 walks, one really sad bike)
* days of FAIL: 2


Highway Kind said...

Well done on the 28/30.

Your yoga always sounds very impressive.

As for your foot, you are right to take care. I always think one of the main objectives of running is to stay uninjured as long as possible

Megan Hall said...

Ha ha, I think it sounds impressive if you use the sanskrit words but actually is only as hard as you care to make it on any given day.

Anonymous said...

Yes, your yoga-ing has inspired me to look up a local class one evening, it all sounds so oozy and streeeetchy :)

(and HK's yoga-ing too)

Anonymous said...

I struggle with the English names, let alone the Sanskrit. Or indeed half the postures... Definitely an inspiration!

Megan Hall said...

Fitartist - I think we live nearish one another (not an Internet stalker, I swear) and my studio is not at all close by, but I enjoy the Triyoga studios [I usually go to the one in Soho] for shear volume of classes with good teachers at a variety of times.