Friday, 5 June 2009

Juneathon days 4.2 and 5

Last night was the Crisis Square Mile run which I ran for the second half of my uber-hardcore two-a-day schedule and not at all for the promise of beer and pizza with JogBlog and Iliketocount. I had been promised 3.5-ish miles so I wasn't too worried and started off with 2000+ other people with phone in hand. There were running nuns kissing, but I was too slow to take a photo. I twittered while running. I walked too much, even though there weren't too many queues on London Bridge, mostly because we didn't go on London Bridge at all but did cross the river 4 times, and finished 4.2 miles in 54-something. Then we met up for pizza and beer along with some runner-non-bloggers and one non-runner-non-blogger (that's Meg) and discussed how this is the first time the course has ever been longer than advertised since Cathy started doing it. Also Cathy gave me Tracy's copy of Vegan Brunch which I hope to make something from this weekend before sending it away next week. Finally got home around 11.

Which made the alarm at 6 a little unpleasant. I woke up stiff and feeling every one of the 6 miles I ran yesterday, the longest I've run in a really long time even if I did do it in 2 sessions. Yoga was very welcome. I got to the studio and had to look up in a book (conveniently placed just near the locker room but not actually there for reference - I think I was supposed to buy it) the new postures I learned on Wednesday. I could barely reach the floor for the first sun salutation. Luckily they do what they're supposed to and get your muscles warm and moving pretty quickly and by the time I finished A I was actually moving halfway decently. But I am incredibly tired today and really looking forward to a bit of a lie-in tomorrow.

Juneathons: 5/5 + 1 extra credit

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travellinghopefully said...

You know, I'm terribly jealous of you all living near each other (technically I know London's a big place, but I can't help thinking of it as a close knit village!)